“The one thing Paul Kariya can do that Lemieux did is stand the rink up in applause with his play. He can grab the puck and beat everybody for that spectacular goal.”
Harry Neale
“The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music; they should instead be taught to love it.”
Igor Stravinsky. Three Chords & The Truth
“I was surprised with how people reacted to ‘Like A Virgin,’ because when I did the song, to me, I was singing about how something made me feel a certain way – brand-new and fresh – and everyone else interpreted it as ‘I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. Fuck my brains out!’ That’s not what I sang at all.”
Madonna. Quoted in Three Chords & The Truth
“I want to know who actually came up with Anti-Christ / Devil Child. Even we couldn’t have thought of that.”
Brian Johnson of AC/DC. Quoted in Three Chords & The Truth.

Magic Levitating Stick, 2014 Calder Cup Finals. St. John’s IceCaps goalie Michael Hutchinson covers a loose puck and also makes the stick of Ben Chariot, #18, levitate above him. The blank look on the face of the foam finger girl adds a surreal element to the trick. 

“For the first three quarters of the season I thought my name was Fuck Ward. It was, ‘Fuck, Ward, how stupid are you?’ and ‘Fuck, Ward, you are brutal.’”
Aaron Ward, on Scotty Bowman
“You do not play through pain so people say, ‘Brenden Morrow is tough.’ It is more that you do not want to quit on the guys you know would not quit on you.”
Brenden Morrow
“Every summer hockey players get three months off to rest. We’re like school teachers, except we don’t work for a living.”
“On the plane to Denver today I was giving it to Mike Modano because he’d insisted that we put that new Ricky Martin song on our warmup tape again. I can’t take that. I went to our PR guy, Larry Kelly, and told him to get Ricky Martin off. You need hard-driving music before a game. Then last night, first thing I hear is that song again. So I said to Kelly, “I gave you one simple job,” and he says, “I took it out, but Modano made me put it back in.” Ricky Martin used to be in Menudo, for god’s sake. Either that song’s gone, or Modano’s gone.”
Brett Hull, during the 1999 Western Conference Finals
“When I was writing the lyrics for Siamese Dream I would sit down and type pages and pages and then when I came to a line that made me cringe with embarrassment, that’s the one I would use.”
Billy Corgan. Quoted in Three Chords & the Truth.
“I’ve always felt bemused at being called the chameleon of rock. Doesn’t a chameleon exert tremendous energy to become indistinguishable from its environment?”
David Bowie. Quoted in Three Chords & the Truth.
“I hope and I ask for everyone’s prayers. Do whatever you do in difficult times to help make things work out better.”
Steve Yzerman. Remarks following the infamous limousine accident six days after Detroit won the Stanley Cup in 1997.

Pictures I Wish I Could Do Over: Brendan Ranford goal celebration from 22 November 2013. Lobotomized him, tone is a mess, splotches in the glass are everywhere. Shame. That was a game winning goal he scored too. 

Pictures I Wish I Could Do Over: Scott Glennie, 18 December 2013 vs San Antonio Rampage. Totally over-processed and quality still sucks. Had I been more patient it could have been a great shot.