“It’s something that will follow me for a long time. It was a good memory. … My three junior seasons in Chicoutimi, we had a pretty tough team. By the end of practice, guys were joking around and fighting. I guess it helped.”
“After this World Cup, Brazil is left with some beautiful new stadiums, a couple new airports, and one dodgy football club.”
Ian Darke
“Lance Armstrong cheated death, and then he kept on cheating. And he was no run-of-the-mill cheat. Sublimely American in his ambition, he became the best cheater, greatest cheater of all time, turning a European bicycle race into a gaudy, ruthless, and unprecedented demonstration of American corporate prowess and athletic hegemony.”
Mario Lemieux As Seen By His Contemporaries, Kindle Short-Read available now.
“Hockey’s a team sport. When you start looking next to you for the answer, the problem’s probably with you. You have to get yourself going. You’re the person that has to step it up.”
Claude Lemieux
“I’m a weirdo, but I have a very strong moral code: Don’t be a fucking dick.”
Earl Sweatshirt
"We got hired to be the bad boys. And now all of the sudden we have to be businessmen and respectable." Axl Rose

"We got hired to be the bad boys. And now all of the sudden we have to be businessmen and respectable." Axl Rose

“Fellas, we’re going to win the Cup again, but some of you are playing as though you don’t belong here. Don’t be the guy who, when we’re winning the Cup in June, is sitting on his couch watching us carry it around. Don’t be the guy who forces us to trade you out of town to help us get better.”
Scotty Bowman, addressing the 91-92 Penguins (attributed in The Hockey News)
“Whoever would have thought nobody could catch the guy who skates like a wet noodle?”
Gordie Howe, referring to Wayne Gretzky and his many scoring records

Three Chords & The Truth: A collection of quotes about music from Chopin through Taylor Swift

“Picture the world through the eyes of the jerk. The line of people in the post office is a mass of unimportant fools; it’s a felt injustice that you must wait while they bumble with their requests. The flight attendant is not a potentially interesting person with her own cares and struggles but instead the most available face of a corporation that stupidly insists you shut your phone. Custodians and secretaries are lazy complainers who rightly get the scut work. The person who disagrees with you at the staff meeting is an idiot to be shot down. Entering a subway is an exercise in nudging past the dumb schmoes.”
Eric Schwitzgebel, introductory paragraph to "A Theory of Jerks" aeon.com.
“Remember this with Mario Lemieux: If you eliminate comparisons with Gretzky, there wouldn’t be any comparisons with anybody else.”
— Tom Reich

Modern Quotations Goes 1980s … featuring The Subway Vigilante; Tipper Gore reciting W.A.S.P. lyrics (incorrectly); the author of How to Be a Valley Girl; the guy who invented emoticons; the first blogger EVER; Madonna, Mandela, Manson, Morrissey and Marr; the awesome C. Everett Koop; some Johns (Paul II, Hinkley Jr); Reagan, and Reagan’s press secretary being a real prick; DLR, VH and tons more.