A Francis Wathier hit A Francis Wathier hit
“Dominik Hasek’s upper body [was so skinny] it looked like it needed a care package.”
— Michael Farber
“I think our fans could knock the lid off this place if we give them the chance.”
Lindy Ruff, following the Stars’ 3-0 win over St. Louis.
“I’m working on it. I’m going to get better.”
Jaromir Jagr, 41 at the time and leading the Devils in scoring, quoted at NJ.com 20 Dec 2013.
“Pop music is not a threatening style of music. It’s music that says, Take me for what you will. Rock n’ roll says, You’re mine, motherfucker.”
Joan Jett, quoted in Modern Quotations 2000-2010.
“What do I do with my days so I’m not just a woman with cancer?”
Jennifer Glass. (ABC News)
Scrums Scrums Scrums Scrums Scrums
“Nobody knows what anticipation is anymore. Everything is so immediate. No more standing outside Tower Records in a long line.”
Joan Jett. Quoted in Modern Quotations 2000-2010.
“Life lessons aren’t really important. Remain dignified, dress well, be good to other people and you’ll be fine.”
Manolo Blahnik, The Observer 22 Mar 2014

Alex Guptill making his pro debut with the Texas Stars, 4 Apr 2014